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Let’s build this together…

The idea of this website is to serve the local church in Turkey with tools to widen and deepen the worship in Turkish. We cannot do this alone! The only way to really do this is to make a joint effort all over Turkey. Every worship leader and worship team member has a contribution to make. Also pastors, teachers and other leaders have important contributions to make to the church throughout Turkey in the area of worship.

Get involved

The easiest way for you to contribute is through the Forums. Get involved in a discussion group and share your experience, your thinking and struggles. Support one another and challenge one another. Especially you worship leaders. You are not alone. Connect with one another and learn from your peers! We will also make sure we will meet face to face occasionally.

Another way is to upload a song you have been writing or a song you have been recording or a worship picture you have been painting. Share it with all the churches in Turkey in one go.

Please help us to complete the database. The hours of the week aren’t enough for the Ezgi Kutusu Team. Are you willing to help us? On the Upload a Song page you can send us all the details you have about a certain song. You can also attach files such as a recording in mp3 format, a video file, a word file with the chords etc. If we all do something we can double the number of songs in the database in a short time and we will all benefit. We will soon come out with a feature that will enable you to edit all the songs we have in the database directly. In this way you will be able to see easily if you have information about a song that is missing or incorrect and you can fix it.

…It is all for His glory

Most used songs 

  • Kutsal Ruh İle Dolunca
  • Hep yanımızdasın ya Rab
  • Affet beni Rab
  • Beni Sevdin
  • Aç Gözlerin
  • Kutlayacağım Rabbimizi
  • Ben Zayıfken Sen Gücümsün
  • Yüce Rabbim Seni Seviyorum
  • Işık Babası
  • Baba Sana Taparım


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